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Here's an idea: I'll clean and organize your Tupperware cupboard, and fold your laundry, and even clean your car. All so that you can continue writing. Deal?

After living in Hungary with you for a month, and exploring your woods more than once - was it three times? - I can so easily follow you on your trek. How great it is to do it virtually again with you.

Thank you for this lovey trip down both forest and memory lane.

From your Momma who loves you.

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Beautiful writing on the joy and sadness of our way through life!

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That was wonderful, Tina.

I read it too John while driving through Oklahoma on our way to Arizona.

Your imagery makes me feel like I'm there with you in your woods.

I think you are not alone in your procrastination. It is a difficult thing to overcome (if it is something you wantt too do).

Keep doing what you do

You are very good at it.


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